Many of us use Instagram to post our own pics, or perhaps to see what our friends are up to. But one thing’s for sure: The average Instagram user doesn’t exactly use the platform quite like celebrities. Quite often, celebs take to Instagram to post some pretty insane pics for self-promotion that are clearly, well, staged. But since they look so darn perfect, it can be easy to feel jealous and inadequate looking at their picture perfect selfies and poses.

That’s exactly why Australian comedian Celeste Barber started the hashtag #celestechallengeaccepted: So she could recreate celeb snapshots and post them on her own Instagram. And they’re absolute gold, TBH.

“Some celebrities on Instagram seem to think we, non-rich, non-privileged people are idiots and believe that what they are posting is real,” Celeste told BuzzFeed. “I wanted to try to show how ridiculous it would be for a ‘normal’ person to recreate some of these photos.”

Though Celeste is a comedian, her goal wasn’t only to crack jokes. “I want to make people laugh and show how majority of what we see from our idols is bullsh*t,” she explained to BuzzFeed.

She’s tackled the most-liked Instagram pic ever of Kendall Jenner’s “heart hair”:

But the guys aren’t immune to the Celeste Challenge, either. Here’s her recreation of Justin Bieber:

Since Celeste first started posting the pictures, she’s received a ton of responses from those who not only found her posts funny, but refreshing. “I get a lot of really positive feed back, like ‘Thanks for making me not feel so shit about myself’, and ‘Thanks for keeping it real’,” she told BuzzFeed.

But she takes the occasional negative comment in stride. “I get the odd ‘You are fat, no one likes you,’ but thats OK, I have a really hot husband so I know that someone likes me,” she joked to BuzzFeed.

You rock, Celeste! Check out more of her fabulous reenactments here.

(Images via Instagram.)