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Among all the mega-famous singers who project confidence and authenticity, Beyoncé never fails to impress. She’s been in the spotlight for a long time now and learned how to handle herself in the public eye, but remember when she was just 22 and still figuring stuff out?

We’re talking back when the world still knew her as part of Destiny’s Child, and when she’d just released her first solo album, Dangerously in Love. Way before the epic days of Lemonade. Waybefore she married Jay Z.

If those memories are sketchy, don’t worry: Entertainment Weekly recently brought a video to our attention of young Beyoncé talking to Oprah.

When quizzed about her life and whether it was everything she imagined it would be, Beyoncé replied, “It’s everything, and way, way more.” She goes on to mention her privacy (or rather, the lack there of).

She went on to discuss the importance of taking vacations and personal time for herself and making sure she does things that make her happy.

So basically, Queen Bey has always had a pretty fantastic perspective and solid sense of center.[/header

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She was killing it back then… and she’s killing it now.

Credit: Parkwood/Columbia/

Damn, girl.