If there’s one thing people are talking about from last night’s SAG Awards, it’s Winona Ryder’s INCREDIBLE facial expressions during David Harbour’s acceptance speech on behalf of the cast of Stranger Things, which picked up the award for Best Ensemble in a Drama Series.

It’s no surprise that Stranger Things is picking up awards left, right, and center. The supernatural ’80s series was Netflix’s breakout original show when it launched last year, and re-introduced us to the POWER that is Winona Ryder (our alt-girl role model).

And now thanks to Stranger Things, we’ve got what we’re calling Winona Ryder’s masterclass at expressing your emotions.

At last night Screen Actors Guild Awards (January 29th), Winona proved her acting prowess by giving us more emotions and facial expressions in a 2 minute speech than we thought possible.

Following Stranger Things‘ win for Best Ensemble in a Drama Series, the cast all piled on to the stage where David Harbour, who played Police Chief Jim Hopper in the series, gave an incredible and passionate speech. However, while David’s speech was impressive, it was Winona’s reaction to it that really got people talking.

The 45-year-old actor, who plays Joyce Byers in the show, couldn’t keep the overwhelming emotions of the speech to herself, and expressed them with some of the best facial expressions we’ve EVER seen.

She deftly goes from being in awe, to being surprised, to being confused in one swoop and it’s iconic.

When David’s speech turned to more serious topics, Winona wanted the world to know that she was feeling the power.

People on Twitter were quick to point out that it seemed that Winona was completely and adorably overwhelmed by the winning the award and David’s speech.

Tbh, we’re totally in love with Winona’s reactions. The star has previously spoken about how she’s a sensitive and emotional soul, so we’re not surprised that she couldn’t keep her emotions in check during what must have been a pretty incredible and overwhelming moment. What’s more, we totally love that she’s not afraid to express how she’s feeling out loud and proud.

Seriously, keep on doing you, girl. And, when in doubt…be more like Winona Ryder.