Winnie Harlow

Beyonce’s visual album “Lemonade,” which dropped over the weekend, features SO MANY cameos from powerful women of color, including someone you may not have realized: America’s Next Top Model star Winnie Harlow. The 21-year-old Toronto-based model, whose striking photos are enhanced by her unique skin condition, vitiligo, competed in Cycle 21 of the hit show. Winnie sat down with W Magazine on Monday to chat about “Lemonade,” and the journey, both literally and metaphorically, she took to get there.

Credit: The CW

“A friend of a friend of mine works super closely with Beyoncé,” Winnie told the magazine. “She asked her for my number, gave me a call, and didn’t really say much other than: ‘Beyoncé wants you. Can you fly to New Orleans tomorrow?’ Really, who can say no to that!”

Certainly not Winnie, who immediately hopped on a plane after finishing up a gig as a guest-judge on Germany’s Next Top Model. “I got off my flight and the airline had lost my bags and usually I’d be very upset about something like that but hey …. Beyoncé, right?” she said. Yeah, we get it.

She was right to drop everything, because Beyoncé was almost as starstruck as Winnie when she made it onto the set. She explained:

Filming the album itself was such an important experience for all the people involved, mostly because of the sense of family it created. “Everyone had a very cool connection on set,” Winnie said. “A powerful acknowledgement of strength and hard work.”

We’re so glad Winnie Harlow was included in “Lemonade” and that now even more people will see her beauty. Thanks, Beyoncé!