Sophia Elias
Updated Aug 18, 2015 @ 9:17 am

Our heads are spinning and it’s not because we’ve been whipping our hair back and forth.

Feast your eyes on Willow Smith’s latest (and trippiest) video endeavor to date: “Wit a Indigo.”

Willow, along with her music collective DIASPORA, can be heard telling their adversaries, “Are you judging me with your scrunched up nose? . . . You don’t wanna mess wit a Indigo like that” throughout the tune. Don’t let the lyrics fly too far over your head, though.

An “indigo child,” as Cosmopolitan notes, is a “child believed to possess special and sometimes supernatural abilities, including heightened levels of empathy, extra creativity, high IQ, and psychic powers.” With mentions of a spheres, light years, and third eyes peppered throughout the song, “Wit a Indigo” seems to be reflecting a few cornerstones of this mysterious indigo child-ism. Also, the song samples Stevie Wonder’s, “They Won’t Go When I Go” so there’s that.

The video takes the “indigo child” reference quite literally. Thanks to some post-production magic, the video is wrought with colorful imagery, with a particular focus on, well, indigo.

Check out the video in all its indigo drenched glory, below.

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