Sammy Nickalls
Updated Feb 25, 2015 @ 11:09 am

Now this is a story all about how our lives got flipped-turned-upside-down by Will Smith, Ellen and the sitcom theme song to end all sitcom theme songs. You know what we’re talking about. Even though it’s been almost 20 years since we last caught up with the Fresh Prince in all his freshness, his theme song still feels brand new.

Case in point: Will Smith, the FP himself, just performed the song for Ellen DeGeneres and her studio audience yesterday, reminding us all just how much that wonderful song is burned into our collective brains.

Will got up in front of the cheering audience, saying, “Okay, this is how we know if we’ve got real fans in the house.” Then, he kicked it off: “In West Philadelphia…” and let the audience finish the sentence. Obviously, the audience did not disappoint. Everyone knows the Fresh Prince theme song.

See for yourself.

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