If you’ve been wondering if the new season of Will & Grace was going to address the events of series finale back in 2006 fear not. Debra Messing, who plays Grace Adler on the show, has put fans’ worries at ease.

With only a few months to go until Will & Grace comes back on our screens, it’s safe to say that we’re pretty excited. What’s more, the musical theater-like teaser trailer for the revival had us jumping up and down with joy, as we realized just how much we’ve missed Will, Grace, Jack, and Karen, and it seems that NBC have ordered more episodes of the revival than we initially thought. false

Of course, at the end of Will & Grace‘s original run back in 2006, it was shown that Will and Grace had become estranged and not spoken to each other for 20 years. The two former BFFs reunite when their two children meet in college, fall in love, and plan to get married.

So how will Will & Grace address this when it returns?

Well, speaking on The Bill Carter Interview on Sirius XM, Messing said things had been sorted out.

Okay, so this doesn’t answer exactly *how* things are going to be addressed, but “very creative” makes us think that we could see some sort of alternate reality thing going on, but who knows…

Continuing, Debra Messing said that the show had been impacted by the recent changes in the political climate.

“[We’ll talk about] social issues, political issues, and be outrageous,” she explained. “And it seemed like there literally is no better time than right now for this kind of show that’s already welcomed, to come back, and to try to make people think the way that we did 10 years ago.”

News of a possible revival of the beloved sitcom came about after all four main cast members and the writers got together for a skit about the importance of voting in last November’s election.

In fact, speaking to Seth Meyers earlier this month, Messing said that the election is the reason that the show is coming back.

“It was only by doing that skit that we realized that it was possible,” she admitted. “I mean it’s 11 years ago since the show ended. Literally in history it’s never happened that a cast has come back together after 11 years on prime-time television. But because that little skit got 7 million views – NBC, they were like, ‘Wait a second.’”

We can’t wait to see what the Will & Grace revival has in store for us. We were/are such big fans of the show, and we just know that it’s going make TV fabulous again!