Credit: Plumb Images/Getty Images

Will Ferrell is just like us! At least, that’s what Will Ferrell’s Hillary Clinton campaign video wants us to think.This week, our favorite comedian released a hilarious video where he talked about his “squad” and encouraged his fellow millennials to get out and vote. How do we get in on this squad?

Will Ferrell has as LOL-ing at this video so much, we had to watch it multiple times to get through it all. “I just wanted to talk to you directly, one vibrant youth to another,” he says. “…Let’s all put down our Snapchat, Tinder, Instagram and other assorted app-based technologies for a minute so we can keep it 100.” Clearly he is poking fun at millennials, but it’s all in jest. At the heart of his silly video is an important message: it is absolutely crucial to get out there and vote on Tuesday.

Whether or not you vote is public record, so people can figure out if you’re lame AF just by hopping online and doing some digging. While we’re not advocating snooping on fellow mankind, we do agree with Will and Clinton in promoting the importance of a crucial civic duty.

Voting is a right in our country, but that is not universal. In some countries, voting is a privilege that isn’t afforded to everyone. Having the opportunity to vote would be life-changing. (So would be more Tinder matches, but let’s not get hung up on #firstworldproblems.)

It’s amazing how many powerful figures have stepped up to encourage all Americans to vote. Just this weekend, Jay Z and Queen Bey endorsed Hillary Clinton for president. Lebron James is expected to do the same. Celebrity star power aside, the message is clear. On Tuesday, get out there and hit the polls. No one wants to deal with FOMO during such a historic election.