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After a long career being America’s favorite comedian making some of the most memorable and hilarious movies, Will Ferrell is taking on a new, equally iconic role: Santa Claus. Not just any Santa Claus, though. He’s a modern, badass Santa, perfect for 2015. This new Santa stopped by Jimmy Fallon last night to tell us all about the changes he’s making to the Christmas season.

First off, there’s no more reindeer and no more sleigh. Instead, Santa uses drones to deliver presents while he’s tanning on a beach in Cabo. All you have to do is let him know what you want, and as long as you’re in “the drone zone,” it will end up under your tree by Christmas morning.

Some other changes? You don’t sit on new Santa’s lap—he sits on yours. He also has a t-shirt cannon (that doesn’t work), a camouflage present bag, and a ridiculous accent.

However, that doesn’t mean he still isn’t able to bring people together. Santa and Jimmy end the segment by singing a modern, reimagined Christmas duet, proving that even badass Santa can still get us in the holiday spirit.

Watch below!

(Image via YouTube)