Anna Gragert
May 17, 2016 5:09 pm

If the world of online streaming services were a sports game, Netflix would win every time… but maybe not for long? According to The Telegraph, a British Netflix may soon be stepping onto the field to give Netflix a run for its money. Rumor has it that it’s going to be called Britflix.

Now, time for a quick (not boring – we promise) history lesson. Something called a Royal Charter is involved. It is “is an agreement with the government over what the BBC intends to do over the next 11 years.” Plus, a BBC White Paper gets thrown into the mix, which outlines the government’s own plans for the Royal Charter and will most likely be debated in Parliament. In the end, the culture secretary decides what’s official.


With that being said, U.K. Culture Secretary John Whittingdale recently published a white paper encouraging the BBC toexplore whether additional revenue could be raised at home or abroad from additional subscription services, sitting alongside the core universal fee.” Though many initially assumed that Whittingdale’s comments were criticizing the BBC, he assured everyone otherwise. It was actually the BBC that asked to make such changes and their higher-ups confirmed this.

Though it was the BBC’s idea to voyage into the world of subscription services, the government fully supports them, according to the White Paper. This means that we may soon be able to stream all our favorite British crime dramas and The Great British Baking Show whenever we please.


Now, we can’t help but wonder: What does this mean for the actual Netflix? There’s a small part of us that hopes the two will work together to make subscription service magic happen.