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I don’t consider myself someone who is interested in celebrity gossip. That was until I started listening to This Week Had Me Like, the bizarre celebrity gossip podcast hosted by Caroline Goldfarb (also known as @officialseanpenn on Instagram) and produced by Parenthood actress Sarah Ramos.

I first became aware of the podcast when I saw Caroline and Sarah speak at the Women of Cinefamily film festival a few weeks ago. Caroline wasn’t there to talk about her podcast directly, but she was so effortlessly hilarious, I knew I had to immediately check it out.

I had the awesome opportunity to speak to Caroline after the Cinefamily event. Goldfarb and Sarah apparently met at an improv class as teenagers and became instant besties. Caroline told me, “Sarah was really the driving force behind the podcast and encouraged me to get one started. I know I have the gift of gab, so it just made sense to start one up. And it’s such a great outlet for the bizarre celeb news I find and feel I have no outlet to discuss. Now I can do it on the podcast!”

So, if those weren’t enough great reasons to listen to This Week Had Me Like, here are five more:

The awesome guests

Caroline’s guests have a little something for everyone. For those interested in hearing actual celebrities talk, she has cool young folks like Rookie editor and actress Tavi Gevinson and PLL actor Ian Harding. But she also has some more obscure peeps who are equally hilarious — people like writer Max Winkler (son of Henry Winkler) and pop culture writer Lindsey Weber.

The random, TOTALLY BIZARRE celebrity gossip

As I said, I don’t consider myself much of a celebrity gossip expert and I don’t really aspire to be one. But this podcast is about news that’s totally strange (almost unreal) and completely hilarious. Goldfarb has unpacked Glenn Close singing the National Anthem and analyzed random celebrity endorsements. Did you know Katherine Heigl did commercials for kitty litter brand, Cat Pride? No? Me either! That’s the brilliance of this podcast. The show’s Instagram gives you visuals for the show and they’re wonderful.

Caroline Goldfarb

Caroline’s instagram @officialseanpenn is what catapulted her to social media fame. When I asked her the about the downfalls of being a social media influencer, she told me, The biggest downfall is people having a preconceived notion of me as a ‘meme queen’ or someone who’s just funny on Instagram — when in reality I’m a writer with an improv and standup background.”

She used bestie Ramos as a sounding board for all her random celebrity observations. When I asked Caroline why she decided to focus on celebrities, she told me, Celebrities are my bread and butter, my alpha and omega, my moon and stars. There’s no one out there who appreciates a throwback pic of Brad Pitt in an ugly 90’s tank top, a candid shot of Ethan Hawke picking his nose, or an advertisement for Skechers Shape Ups featuring Ringo Starr as much as I do.”

Sarah Ramos

I’ve been a fan of Sarah Ramos since her days on the NBC sixties dramedy American Dreams, and she is a big reason for why we have been blessed with this perfect podcast. Sarah was apparently the real driving force behind the podcast according to Goldfarb. When NY Mag interviewed the duo, Goldfarb said, “The thing is, that I’m obsessed with celebrities, and so is Sarah, to some extent, and Sarah is one of my main sounding boards for talking about weird celebrity gossip. She was able to envision a world in which it wasn’t just us talking about it.”

Sarah has also been a guest on the podcast multiple times. Twice, she recounts the surreal experience of going on a Mary-Kate and Ashley cruise as a kid — a story which Goldfarb said was “brave” of her to tell. All you need to know is that together, they’re a riot!

Because it’s a hilariously satirical millennial bible

Caroline and Sarah are both in their mid-twenties, and thus, have their pulse on what we millennials need to hear. The two women love pop culture, while also understanding how absurd and ridiculous it all is! Most importantly, it’s full of comedic genius, and it’s the podcast we never knew we NEEDED.

If you have a long morning commute, be sure to subscribe. You won’t even notice that you’ve been stuck in traffic for thirty minutes!