After what truly felt like the longest wait in history, tonight is finally the night we get new episodes of Downton Abbey. It’s bittersweet, because it’s the beginning of the end — the sixth season will be the final season — but all of us who are *totally* obsessed with the show are on the edge of our seats waiting to see what this final season will bring us.

“It is the end of an era, so there’s a lot of conclusions, a lot of things to wrap up,” the show’s executive producer Gareth Neame told Entertainment Weekly. “We join season 6 with many, many things still up in the air.”

But as we’re preparing to say hello to the Crawley family for the last time, we can’t help but wonder. . . why is it that millions are totally obsessed with Downton Abbey? What exactly is it that keeps our Anglophile hearts wanting more? Part of the reason, says Neame, is that he’s been trying to make the series — especially the last season — as relatable as possible, despite the fact that it all took place nearly a century ago.

“I wanted the final season to be one that audiences could strongly identify with and connect to,” Neame told EE. “I wanted people to realize that these characters are more like us than they are different than us, even though they’re 80, 90 years ago. Most of the things dramatically that occur to them are things that happen in our own lives.”

Truth! Even though the characters of Downton Abbey aren’t whipping out their smartphones and texting their BFF during a crisis, there’s a certain level we can all relate to no matter the era. And, as Neame told EW, you could even relate people you know to the show, like your grandmother to the assistant cook, Daisy — and you could visit the estates today. “It’s almost within living memory,” Neame said. “It’s not quite so far away.”

Neame promises that this season is going to be tying up a lot of loose ends. “All of the characters have got something flying around that needs to be resolved and some of them have very definite, clear endings, either positive or otherwise,” he told EW. “Other characters won’t necessarily. The camera will just sort of move away from them.”

Downton Abbey’s sixth season will premiere tonight at 8/9c.

(Image via NBC Universal.)