Today is Victoria Beckham’s 39th birthday, and what better person to recognize her awesomeness than Jessica Tholmer, resident HelloGiggles author and Mrs. Beckham’s twin.

Seriously, you guys. I struggle to see it, but I have constantly, my entire adult life, heard that I look just like her. It has gotten to the point where the conversation looks like this:

Stranger: Has anyone ever told you you look like– Me: Victoria Beckham, yes, I get it all the time.

That is not a made up conversation. It happened in a restaurant, and yeah I had two margaritas so I was feeling cocky, but come on! I hear it all the time. So to celebrate her birthday, I present you with the following:

Why Victoria Beckham and Jess Tholmer Are the Same Person

1. Victoria pursued a career in music because of the musical Fame.

Jess has been known to sing songs from Fame really loudly in the shower. (But really only the Glee covers.)

2. Victoria and Jess apparently look the same.

I think it’s the nose? (That’s my friend Heather. She gets Adele.)

3. She married David Beckham, the hottest man in soccer. I mean, there’s even a movie about him. How cool is that?

Jess is totally in love with a super hot guy who plays soccer, and sure I can’t prove that his abs look like David’s, but he’s really great anyway.

And you’re right–I’m not married to him. YET! Four years in the making, baby! These things take time.

4. Her hair is always awesome.

I mean, didn’t she invent the a-line cut?

Jess’ hair is always awesome, as well. The only difference is Victoria tends to go blonde more often than Jess, and she rocks a middle part, whereas Jess rocks full fringe. Big whoop.

5. Jess does smile more than Victoria.

But when she smiles, they’re twins! (That’s Jess’ friend Nelson. She reminds people of Stevie Nicks.)

6. Vic (we’re like besties at this point) dresses really, really well, like she is a true fashionista.

And I mean, sometimes Jess breaks out of her all black wardrobe and puts on heeled boots, so. Samesies.

7. “You have to remember that when you are a performer you become a celebrity, but you are not saving lives. It’s not that important.” Victoria Beckham

…and Jess agrees with that, because she is pretty much never saving lives.

8. Vic’s kids’ names are cool like Romeo, Brooklyn, Cruz, and Harper.

Jess wants to name her kids Pepper, Huey, and possibly Jackson. Also cool and hip, but not super weird so teachers can spell them.

…Jess also doesn’t know if she wants to have kids, for the record.

9. Posh Spice = Jess’ favorite Spice Girl because Jess is more “posh” than she is sporty (HA!), scary (I’m super the opposite of scary), ginger (brunette), or baby (I’m very mature).

10. They both love babies.
Oh, and I would like to add that Vic was born on the 17th of the month, as was Jess (but in August), and they are both fire signs, though Jess is the superior fire sign because nothing beats a Leo, but don’t blame Mrs. Beckham. No one is perfect.
Kiss image via goodtoknow, featured image via mywallpapersite.