Alyssa Moore
Updated Aug 07, 2016 @ 1:39 pm

Yes, you read that right. We honestly don’t even need to put a spin on this one. It’s already common knowledge that shar pei are some of the cutest dogs in existence, cuddly wrinkly cinnamon rolls too pure for this world, whether in jumbo form…

Credit: Shutterstock

…or as itsy bitsy puppies!

Credit: Shutterstock

While shar pei were originally bred with big folds so they’d be difficult to pin in a dogfight (:(, we know), in recent decades their full-time occupation has simply been cuteness.

And one genius YouTuber recently found a way to make our favorite raisin/dog hybrid even more adorable. C’est imposible, you say! But it’s true…and all they needed was a wheelbarrow and a little bit of Wagner.

The awww-inducing video begins with six pudgy golden puppies taking a snooze in a wheelbarrow, the ominous opening violin of “Ride of the Valkyries” notwithstanding. Then a (very lucky) human takes them out for a spin in said wheelbarrow, walking them down the street in dramatic Apocalypse Now-esque fashion. Most of the pups eventually wake from their squashy slumber and peer out of the wheelbarrow, like the intrepid explorers they are.

While you could probably try this at home if you’ve got very small dogs, cats, or other critters of your own (observe proper safety and animal kindness precautions, and probably don’t try this with mini humans), this level of extreme cuteness is going to be hard to reach. The timing! The drama!

The unbelievable wrinkles and little smushy faces!

Heck, what are we waiting for? You can find the glorious video below. Enjoy!