Rachel Paige
Updated Feb 20, 2015 @ 9:38 am

If you know nothing about Aquaman, you need to at least learn two things: He’s an underwater DC superhero, and he’s going to be played by Game of Thrones’ Jason Momoa. Someone better gently break the news to Vince Chase.

Alas, Aquaman isn’t getting his own movie right now (at least not until 2018), but instead will join Batman and Superman for Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. Director Zach Snyder tweeted the first picture of Momoa as Aquaman late Thursday night with the caption, “there is only one true King.” Ain’t that the truth. And if you were questioning whether or not it actually is the truth, Aquaman’s trident/scepter situation should confirm it for you.

To give us a little background info: In the comics, Aquaman is the ruler of the Seven Seas, which makes him pretty powerful considering that roughly 70% of Earth is water. He’s one of the founding members of the Justice League of America and he’s super fast, super strong, and can (as the official description goes) “stay underwater indefinitely.” He’s basically a merman. He’s basically King Triton, but without the “Under the Sea” song.

TBH Aquaman has kinda gotten a bad wrap over the years. The Big Bang Theory hasn’t been all that nice to him, and the idea of making a stand-alone Aquaman movie is a huge plot point on HBO’s Entourage. The big joke being that it’s actually James Cameron’s Aquaman. (And its sequel is written by Kevin Smith and directed by Michael Bay in Faux-Hollywood. Let that sink in for a second).

Why does Aquaman end up as the punchline of so many jokes? Well, Aquaman is sorta useless out of water, since he’s, you know, an underwater creature. On land he has to wear a special water suit, which doesn’t really help him fight battles, since his armor is big and clunky. And his greatest asset might be that he can talk to fish. Which is why many are like, “ehhhh, Aquaman isn’t the best.”

BUT, ok, the Momoa version looks pretty awesome and seriously hardcore. He’s got his trusty trident with him, and you know, looks like he will be a good ally for Batman or Superman. Gone are the neon orange and lime green colors of his usual comic costume, and instead we have a totally jacked Momoa with some tattoos that might make Khal Drogo jealous. This Aquaman is intense. You’ve got our attention.

Too bad we still have over A YEAR to wait for Batman v. Superman to drop. It’s slated for March 25th 2016. That is so far away, you guys.

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