Karen Belz
December 17, 2013 1:00 pm

When thinking about teen dramas of the past, some might forget about Roswell. While its science fiction edge made it a bit more complex than the stories of those teens from the Creek (no offense, James Van Der Beek) it definitely held an important role in television history. The show, which premiered in 1999 on the WB and ran for three seasons, gained notoriety after diehard fans started an online petition and sent in letters and bottles of Tabasco sauce, a favorite of one of the show’s characters, to prove to the network that the show had a massive amount of support. While the network received over 3,000 bottles of the hot sauce, the show was ultimately cancelled in 2002 after moving to the UPN network.

The series is based on the Roswell High young adult book series, written by Melinda Metz. In it, the characters of Max Evans, Isabel Evans and Michael Guerin are half human/half alien residents of Roswell, New Mexico who hide their identity until an incident happens at a cafe that reveals their hidden truth.

So – What have the actors been up to since?

Shiri Appleby as Liz Parker

Liz plays a central role in the story – after she got accidentally shot, she was saved by Max, and became aware of his powers. The two go on to be quite close.

Since Roswell ended, Shiri has appeared in a lot of big projects, both on the big screen and on television. In 2006, Shiri took a recurring role on the short-lived ABC drama Six Degrees, and then joined the cast of the final season of ER, playing an intern named Daria Wade. After that, she joined the cast of another short-lived drama on the CW called Life Unexpected. You might have also seen her in a few music videos – she was featured in the Bon Jovi video for “It’s My Life” as well as Gavin DeGraw’s video for the 2004 hit “I Don’t Want To Be”. In 2012, she took on the role of Lucy on the TV series Dating Rules from My Future Self.

Recently, she’s appeared in episodes of Franklin & Bash, Girls (as Adam’s girlfriend Natalia), and Chicago Fire. She’s got a movie that’s currently in post-production, called Kristin’s Christmas Past. Even better, she became a Mom this year. She gave birth to a girl, Natalie Bouader Shook, on March 23, 2013 and is now in the midst of planning her wedding to her fiance, Jon Shook.

Jason Behr as Max Evans

First, let’s get this out of the way: The part of the show that intrigued me the most was that they hired Jason Behr and Brendan Fehr to be on the show. Behr and Fehr? That’s more random than Party of Five having a Fox and a Wolf. Moving forward!

While Jason has been working since, his choice of roles has been kind of interesting. He became known for taking on parts in smaller, independent features like Unsu Lee’s Happily, Even After, Jefery Levy’s Man of God, and Rebecca Cook’s Shooting Livien. In 2007, he appeared in the New Zealand film The Tattooist, which was released to poor reviews. The mid to late 2000’s were a bit rough in general, as he also had three pilots that weren’t sold (two on Fox, and one on the CW). Currently, he’s been appearing on a few episodes of the A&E drama Breakout Kings. Just like Shiri, he’s also become a parent this year to a son named Atticus, who was born on October 17th.

Brendan Fehr as Michael Guerin

Michael’s an interesting guy – while he’s super smart, his nerves about his “secret” being revealed (as well as his pretty terrible relationship with his boozy foster father) made him look like a complete underachiever. Luckily, Brendan is way different than his character. And a fun fact: Like Shiri, he also appeared in a music video after the show wrapped. You can catch him in the U2 video “Stuck in a Moment You Can’t Get Out Of”. The music industry totally digs those Roswell hooligans!

In 2005, he co-starred in the comedy The Long Weekend with Chris Klein, and then took on a role in CSI: Miami as Dan Cooper. When his role wrapped up in 2008, he moved onto the TV miniseries Samurai Girl, and then appeared in a few episodes of the show Bones. Brendan has a movie coming up that ties him right back to his Roswell roots – pretty soon you can see him in Roswell FM, which is about a paranormal talk radio host.

Katherine Heigl as Isabel Evans

You’ve probably heard a lot about Katherine Heigl after the end of Roswell. The actress, who once dated Brendan, has become quite popular for starring in a lot of the romantic comedies we totally dig today. And of course, you’ve probably seen Knocked Up. (Even though Katherine herself wasn’t too fond of it after it was released. Bummer, right?)

What Katherine is best known for, is her role in ABC medical drama Grey’s Anatomy. Both the show and she have won many awards – for one, she won an Emmy in 2007 for Outstanding Supporting Actress. In 2009, Katherine starred opposite Gerard Butler in The Ugly Truth, and 2010, starred in the comedy-thriller Killers with Ashton Kutcher.

She’s also a big animal activist. Not only does she own six dogs, but she has worked with Best Friends Animal Society on several projects.

Majandra Delfino as Maria DeLuca

Maria held an important role. As Liz’s best friend, she knew about the aliens and had to keep a promise not to tell. Of course she didn’t, since besties don’t snitch. She also falls in love with Michael, since dating within a friend group is totally going to happen. Aliens or not. Off screen, Majandra had the hots for her on-screen cousin (Devon Gummersall), but sadly their marriage was short lived.

While Majandra was featured in a few TV movies since the show ended, her biggest roles have been playing the lead character in 2011’s State of Georgia, and focusing heavily on her music career. Her second album, Tarte, was released in 2007 by her own record company, Red Velvet Cake Records. Six years prior, she released an album called The Sicks, and any day now, her third recording will be released. It might have been set back minorly based on her pregnancy – this year, she welcomed a baby boy named Louis Augustus. It’s her second child with her second husband, David Walton.

Also – It must be noted that Majandra was totally on board to play a Schrute for The Office spinoff that never happened. The unaired pilot became an episode called “The Farm”, which aired during the final season of the show.

Colin Hanks as Alex Whitman

When you want to be involved with show business, it doesn’t hurt to have the last name of “Hanks”. Colin is Tom’s oldest son, and started acting in 1996, just a few years before landing his first major role on Roswell.

And can I tell you something? I kind of sort of love Colin Hanks, despite the fact that he never answered my fan letter back in the day. (Like, not even a postcard response with a signature stamp on it or anything. I guess it’s a forgivable offense, even though if Colin happens to be reading this, he should know that I own Get Over It on DVD, and saw Orange County in theaters. Also? I own the soundtrack. Boom.)

In 2001, Colin also helped out his Dad with the miniseries Band of Brothers, playing Lieutenant Henry Jones. A few years later, he took a stab at indie thrillers by taking part in 11:14, which also starred Rachel Leigh Cook. The movie, which also starred his Get Over It costar Ben Foster, made a point to end a few of their screenings exactly at 11:14 PM. Must have put a lot of pressure on the projectionist.

In 2005, he starred in King Kong, and started appearing (or, app3ring) on Numb3rs as Marshall Penfield. He continued to guest star on television shows, landing a gig on Mad Men in 2008, The Good Guys in 2010, and Dexter in 2011. He still made a point to be in movies, and acted in The Guilt Trip in 2012.
Colin married former publicist Samantha Bryant in 2010, and currently has two daughters, named Olivia and Charlotte.

Nick Wechsler as Kyle Valenti

Funny yet also athletic?! What a gamble, Roswell writers! (I kid.) Kyle also learns “the secret” after getting shot by the end of season one.

Nick had a bunch of one-off roles in numerous sitcoms after Roswell wrapped, including Malcolm in the Middle, Cold Case, and Lie To Me. He’s been on three episodes of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia playing Brad, who used to have a “pizza face” and found ways to seek revenge on his exes after his face cleared up.

He’s best known for the 2011 show Revenge, where he plays Jack Porter.

William Sadler as Sheriff Jim Valenti

William Sadler has been one busy dude. At the age of 63, he has a pretty impressive resume, including playing Heywood in The Shawshank Redemption, and the Grim Reaper in Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey. If you can think of a TV show, there’s a good chance William was in at least one episode. I’ll summarize, and mention a few where he’s had a pretty decent story arc: Wonderfalls in 2004, Traveler in 2007, he played Doctor Sumner on Fringe on two separate occasions, and most recently, Nate McKenny on the (somewhat recently cancelled) show 666 Park Avenue. He also managed to sneak onto an episode of Homeland this season, playing Michael Higgins. He’s also been in a few big movies recently, including Man on a Ledge and Iron Man 3.

And also, he has the best website ever.

Can you beat that? It’s doubtful. I mean, he’s gettin’ wild by drinking wine by a waterfall!

What are some of your favorite episodes of Roswell? Were you one of the many who mailed in Tabasco sauce out of support?

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