It was the kind of news that was too good to be true: Wet Hot American Summer returning. . . as a series. . . on Netflix? After a ton of iffy rumors about a possible sequel, it was just too hard to believe again. But today, we believe. WE BELIEVE.

The first teaser trailer for the series, based on the original campy camp movie, has arrived and it’s full of joyful promises. In all of 53 seconds, we learn that the show is called Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp, that it takes place in Camp Firewood—which looks exactly the same—and that the whole OG crew is returning for the series (Elizabeth Banks! Amy Poehler! Paul Rudd! Bradley Cooper!).

Netflix, in another display of genius programming decisions, decided to pick up the show for a 10-episode miniseries run — as a prequel to the film instead of a sequel. So even though everyone’s going to be a little older than they were when the movie was made in 2001, they’re going to pretend they’re even younger. We’re already sold.

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