Alim Kheraj
December 07, 2016 1:15 am

We generally feel that almost every film would be improved it it had been directed by Wes Anderson. But what if Anderson had directed this year’s scariest film, The Witch? Well, luckily someone has cut together a parody trailer imagining just that.

This isn’t the first time that someone has edited together a trailer for a horror film to make it seem like Anderson had directed it. Last year, a video surfaced showing what it would look like if Wes Anderson had directed Stanley Kubrick’s classic horror film The Shining. What’s more, we can’t get enough of the director’s aesthetically pleasing Christmas advert for H&M starring Adrian Brody.

Now a new trailer edit has imagined if Anderson was behind this year’s breakout horror film, The Witch.

Written and directed by Robert Eggers, The Witch is a period horror film following a Puritan family in New England in the 17th Century who suffer at the hands of a coven of witches living in a forest. The film, which was released this year, was met with almost universal critical acclaim, and praised for its slow burning and sinister approach to the genre.

While The Witch certainly doesn’t seem like it could easily be mutated into the quirky, colorful, fun, and darkly funny world of Wes Anderson, YouTube channel Cinefix has given the acclaimed horror film a makeover and it actually works surprising well.

Complete with colorful graphics, Anderson’s typical orange coloring, and a comedic kooky and “alternative” soundtrack, the new trailer stays relatively faithful to the concepts from The Witch, but rather (in a typical Wes Anderson way) paints the father from the film, played by Ralph Michael Ineson (Game of Thrones, Harry Potter), as the film’s antagonist and a family on the brink of disaster. Tbh, we’d quite like to see this version.

While Anderson’s films often have a dark undertone, the director said last year that he wanted to make a horror film.

We *might* have a bit of a wait for Wes Anderson’s horror film, however, as the director is currently working on his next project, an animated film about dogs.