The Simpsons is all fun and laughs, until someone makes a terrifying recreation of The Simpsons opening title sequence. At first you don’t think anything is wrong, and then you realize everything is wrong. And it’s just so wrong, you can’t look away.

Created by Yoann Hervo, the video is called “Weird Simpsons VHS.” The video lives up to its name. Hervo re-created The Simpsons opening as if it had been recorded off of the TV on a VHS that has been played too many times and its starting to show its use (and if you’ve ever re-watched a VHS multiple times, you know what this is like). There are static bars throughout, the sound kicks in and out like its out of tune, and at one point it cuts to something completely different.

This still doesn’t cover what we actually see in the video. While we’ve still got our favorite Simpsons characters, they are totally different now. Totally different in a really weird way, like they fell into a nightmare portal and this is how they came out on the other end. The endless line of Lisa playing the saxophone and Krusty’s twisted face are enough to keep us up at night. Probably forever.

So check it out. During the daytime. If you really want to send a Simpsons shiver down your spine.

(Image via YouTube)