Credit: XO / Republic Records

Musician merch has been a part of the culture for a long time, but artists have really ramped up their merch game in the past few years. In particular, a lot of artists now host their own pop-up shops that sell limited edition tour merch.

The Weeknd, gearing up for third studio album Starboy, is now getting into the game with his Starboy pop-ups. True to form, his gear hews to his album’s starker, darker image with lots of vampire red and black.

First off, can we appreciate that his merch has its own Instagram? Which we get since the clothes are a part of, but also apart from, The Weeknd’s music. Hell, even if you aren’t into the music, I can think of some people who’d just be down for the clothes:

(Not gonna lie, I’m making eyes at that jean jacket.)

The Weeknd released his first round of Starboy pop-ups earlier this month, but only lucky fans in a few cities got to shop. You can sign up for more updates on The Weeknd’s online shop, which doesn’t stock any of the pop-up offerings.

Kanye, Bieber, The Weeknd — who will be the next big-name artist to join the grunge/metal hybrid streetwear pop-up game? Maybe the dudes with the #1 record in the country.