Mike Thomas of Fox 5 DC is taking weather forecasts to new heights. The meteorologist has the Internet applauding his Madonna-themed forecast from Friday. Timed to air before the queen of pop’s “Rebel Hearts” tour took the stage at the Verizon Center Saturday night, it’s being hailed as nothing short of brilliant and we can see why.

According to Cosmopolitan, keeping up with the many song references Thomas drops will make a person “positively dizzy.” They’re right: the forecast is replete with lyrics, some of which are obvious as the meteorologist takes on a sing-song quality to relate them; others are harder to pinpoint, even if you’re a diehard, lifelong Madge enthusiast.

According to Mashable, Thomas and his colleagues spent four hours preparing the segment on Thursday. Then, when they filmed on Friday, they recorded 15 takes for the purpose of including forgotten lyrics, and in order to make some last-minute edits. Clearly, they weren’t playing around.

Thomas, who began his forecast with a reference to “Vogue,” (gestures included), incorporated the songs very creatively. Our favorite might just be, “Some parts of the region will be touched for the very first time by rain this month on Saturday, so grab, grab that umbrella as you head down to the concert.” However, the entire video is pretty brilliant.

This actually isn’t the first time Mike Thomas has made a pop-infused forecast, either: in July when Taylor Swift’s 1989 Tour took over Nationals Park, he and the show’s producers thought it might be fun to put together a forecast for all her fans.

Thomas told Mashable, “At the end of the day though, it’s all about having a little bit of fun with the forecast — put a smile on our viewers faces while at the same time getting them the information about an event they may be attending. That was always the primary goal.”

Inventive, informative, and loads of fun, we hope that Mike Thomas never stops creating pop-themed forecasts.

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