Emily Baines
Updated Jul 15, 2016 @ 11:19 am
Credit: YouTube

Spiders are gross. This is an understatement. Spiders are terrifying. Why else would they be the symbol of horror in some of our favorite cultural tomes? (Ignore Charlotte’s Web, that’s clearly an outlier.) And giant spiders? They. Are. The. Worst. Just look at Aragog, or the terrifying Shelob.

So when Global BC news meteorologist Kristi Gordon saw a giant spider looming over her head while reporting, she reacted as we all might: in absolute terror. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=

(The spider had crawled across the camera lens and was subsequently magnified to resemble the stuff of our nightmares.)

“Oh my God!” Gordon cries, then runs away from the projection of the giant spider. Frankly, she shows admiral restraint, even laughing it off: “Of course it had to be right on my head!” We applaud her attempt to keep her cool on television. In the background, you can hear her colleagues laughing. Her fans were more sympathetic, and sent sympathetic messages to her Twitter profile. Gordon replied with thanks, admitting: false

and later: false

Who among us can say they wouldn’t react in exactly the same manner? I, for one, would have screamed a lot more— audience or no audience.