March 31, 2014 3:00 pm

Thanks to Gizmodo, this video has seen the light of day. This moment was captured a few years ago by Janet, aka Mrs Woz, but was just published a few days ago. We know Woz likes to hand deliver gifts sometimes, so hopefully this video is the real deal.

“A few years ago, Steve and Janet Wozniak came to town to help us have a little fun with our kid Emma. Emma’s dad met them around the back of the block to give them Emma’s new iMac, and then they drove back around and rang the doorbell to deliver it…and shocked the heck out of Emma and her sister and friends. Little sister Elizabeth got the iPod Touch as a “one more thing,” and Janet shot the video. Steve’s known to be quite the practical joker, and it was very kind of him and Janet to spend the time to do this…and make a great memory for all of us.”