Natalia Lusinski
Updated Dec 18, 2016 @ 8:36 am
Credit: Global News/YouTube

‘Tis the season of eating, whether it’s decorated sugar cookies at work or Christmas-themed food at holiday parties. Well, you must watch this Canadian news broadcast fall completely to pieces after a cooking segment went horribly wrong, as Mashable reported. We’re still LOL’ing.

Of course, some people make holiday-themed foods and desserts at home and bring them to work to share.

All week long, the hosts of the Canadian Show Global News in Calgary were sharing their “holiday treats,” they said in the below video. When one host, Leslie Horton, brings in homemade artichoke dip and has her co-workers try it, the results are not what she — or anybody — expected.

Before they try it, one of the male co-hosts says it smells like vinegar, while another says it smells like a barn. Hmmm. If you think they sound rude, they assure us they’re not — because Horton had warned them that the recipe did not work out as planned. Due to the overwhelming vinegar taste, one cannot even swallow his bite of the artichoke dip.

You can watch the comedy of errors here.

So what went wrong?

As you saw in the video, Horton improvised with some of the ingredients, like using an orange instead of a lemon.

Also, apparently, Horton used pickled artichoke hearts versus regular artichokes. Oops. I’m sure her artichoke dip fail will help remind us all that while cooking for others is a nice thing to do, it’s probably best to use the recipe’s called-for ingredients, especially on live television. 😉 But who knows? Maybe Horton’s segment will make artichoke dip even more popular now.

In any case, we’re glad the Global News hosts had a good laugh together, and made many of us laugh, too. Happy holiday-themed cooking, everyone!