Meaghan Kirby
Updated August 16, 2018

By now, anyone flipping channels on the TV or casually viewing YouTube videos has gotten the scare of their lives, courtesy of the terrifying promotional campaign for upcoming horror film The Nun. But it turns out those creepy trailers aren’t even the scariest trailers from the upcoming film.

Last week, YouTube actually banned a short trailer for the horror flick for being too scary—despite the fact that it’s only six seconds long. The first four seconds of the trailer feature a black screen. A volume indicator lowers until it looks like the volume is on mute. But just as an unsuspecting viewer turns the volume up, the titular horror character pops up out of nowhere. It’s exactly the sort of jump-scare that’s not for the faint of heart, to say the least.

The trailer for The Nun was banned from running as an ad on YouTube. But you can still watch it on the site.

Proceed with caution, horror fans.

Who knew such a short trailer could be so unsettling?

The trailer for The Nun first made headlines after one Twitter user tweeted out a warning, calling out its deceptive nature. She later added that she was watching a gaming video on her phone when the terrifying ad began playing. false

The tweet quickly went viral, prompting YouTube to respond. They ruled that the trailer violated the platform’s “shocking content policy.”

As Yahoo pointed out, aside from being downright frightening, the ad didn’t appear to be targeted toward a particular genre of YouTube videos, preceding videos across all genres of the platform, as many ads do.

The Nun is the fifth installment in the ongoing Conjuring horror franchise. It follows a priest and a novitiate (a nun about to take her final vows) investigating the mysterious death of a nun in 1952 Romania. The movie stars Taissa Farmiga—who also happens to be the younger sister of The Conjuring star Vera Farmiga—and Demián Bichir.

Think you can last longer than seven seconds? Watch the full trailer for The Nun below.

The Nun will hit theaters on September 7th, 2018.