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If there’s one thing we love more than the halftime show and the incredible athletics on display at the Super Bowl, it’s the commercials. And Justin Timberlake and Christopher Walken may have delivered our fave from the night.

While we spent a lot of Super Bowl Sunday screaming “YAAAASSSSSS GAGA” at our TVs during Lady Gaga’s EPIC halftime show (and it seems we weren’t the only ones), we were also super pumped to see the multitude of commercials and trailers (OMG STRANGER THINGS SEASON 2 ALERT).

However, we were left absolutely lolling over Justin Timberlake’s commercial for antioxidant infused drink Bai.

Indeed, the addition of acting legend and GOAT Christopher Walken only added to just how amazing the whole thing is.

The ad starts off fairly simple, as the camera slowly zooms in to Walken’s and he begins to speak.

He is, of course, reciting the lyrics to *Nsync’s classic pop bop, “Bye Bye Bye,” and it’s EVERYTHING. What makes it even more perfect, however, is the fact that we then see Justin Timberlake dressed in a rather dashing smoking jacket making this face!

Credit: Bai Antioxidant Infusions/


Watch the full commercial below.

We love the idea that Christopher Walken and Justin Timberlake just hang out together look fresh while Walken recites the lyrics to Timerlake’s songs with profundity and his signature delivery. And while the link to Bai Antioxidant Infusions is almost non-existent (hey at least we now know the correct way to say Bai, right?), we love how creative and funny the whole thing is. It’s super clever, and we actually can’t stop watching it.

We’re going to start a petition for Christopher Walken to release a spoken word album of him reciting all our favorite ’90s and ’00s pop songs. This NEEDS to happen.