Sophia Elias
March 05, 2015 11:09 am

If you don’t remember “Blister in the Sun” by its song title, perhaps this will jog your memory. Hint: You definitely know it.

Well kids, Violent Femmes (those “Blister in the Sun” crooners) are back with their first new song in 15 years. It’s not as if they’ve been totally dormant since their last album way back in 2000, this is just the first time they’ve put out something new. In that 15 year interim, they put together some compilations, added drummer Bria Viglione, went on hiatus, and wowed audiences at Coachella. They even recorded a swanky cover of Gnarls Barkley’s “Crazy” back in 2008.

Now we’re hearing that the guys recently snuck off to Hobart, Tasmania, and started recording fresh new tunes. The first of their collection? A southern-infused ditty called “Love Love Love Love Love.”

“Love Love Love Love Love” comes as the first of four songs off of the band’s forthcoming EP.

As singer-guitarist, Gordon Gano noted, the band’s comeback gives them the unique opportunity to appeal to old fans and first-time listeners. He told RollingStone that he’s “happy to have some new recordings for people that have loved our music, and would be honored to have a few new ears hear us for the first time too.”

Hey, we’re happy to have you back!

You can catch Violent Femmes on tour this summer with the Barenaked Ladies (retro explosion). Check out the dates, here.

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