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We all remember that adorable photo from Halloween when Viola Davis’ daughter dressed up as her mom. Specifically, her mom winning an Emmy. The photo went viral. Everyone loved not just the costume, but the support it showed in their family. And “everyone” definitely, definitely includes us.

Last night, Viola Davis went on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, and she told him all about the behind-the-scenes process that went into creating that look.

Davis explained that, at first, she tried to encourage her daughter to be an individual. “How about Wonder Woman?” she suggested. “How about a pirate?” But Genesis, her daughter, was adamant. She just wanted to go as her mom.

So, like any good mother, Davis threw herself into preparing a costume. She even gave Genesis one of her own wigs! However, the cutest part might be what Genesis told people when she knocked on their doors during trick-or-treating. “Who are you?” they’d ask, and she’s confidently reply, “I’m Viola Davis the Emmy winner.”

How amazing is that?

Watch the full clip below!

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