Updated Aug 26, 2014 @ 3:40 pm

Have you recovered from the two nights of awards shows this week? At the beginning of the week, no less? We were melted into a puddle of fanship on Sunday when Beyoncé touched the stage at the VMAs and the littlest queen in the room showed us what an adorable daughter of a powerful icon does when her mommy is tearing up the stage: The Vine of Blue Ivy being flawless is currently at 16 million views! Everyone was captivated by Blue Ivy Carter for most of Sunday evening, but there was soooo much more going on and now that we have video social network Vine (and others like it), we can tell all kinds of new and different stories about celebrities and their reactions and performances at these big awards show nights.

Let’s take a walk into the Vines that made us understand the VMAs and Emmys in ways we never did before:

Clearly Blue Ivy was the show stopper of the VMAs:

She was also Monday’s cover story in her hometown:

Yes, go Mommy:

and remember that moment she heard Mommys music?!?!

She wasn’t the only one feeling the music. Taylor got her groove on to Black Widow:

…then she shook it off:

Other people danced too:

Katie slayed us with her red carpet moment:

Oookay lets head over to the Emmys and see how the TV people did—because Vine did not disappoint. . .

Eric Stonestreet had fun just getting to the show:

Vine celebrity Jamie Costa did the best Matthew McConaughey, sorry Woody:

Seinfeld fans got to see Julia Louis-Dreyfus (Elaine) and Bryan Cranston (Tim Whatley) kiss again:

Daily Show team werking that TODAY Vine “360-Station!”

Lena’s cotton-candy dress was a hit with this puppy:

Ricky Gervais didn’t get an Emmy but he wins the reaction-cam award!
(This caption from NBC deserves an award too.)

Not a Vine but honorable mention goes to Lizzy:

So, if you you weren’t checking for Vines before you should because these shows bring out the cream of the crop! Vine was where the party was! Shade and all!