Anna Gragert
Updated Aug 04, 2016 @ 11:59 am
Credit: Karwai Tang/WireImage

It’s safe to say that hordes of people will recognize the name Victoria Beckham. Aside from being Posh Spice (of the Spice Girls, of course), Victoria is also a prolific fashion designer who’s had four kids with her equally talented husband David Beckham. Now, as for the name Louise Adams – though it may be one you’ve never heard before, Victoria Beckham’s Instagram feed is looking to change that.

Earlier today, on Instagram, Victoria shared a snapshot of herself and Louise Adams, who just so happens to be her look-alike sister!

Happy Thursday! So much fun with my sister last night X 🙏🏻,” wrote Victoria, to explain the above selfie. “Family time is so precious X VB.

Okay, now who else thinks that Victoria’s sister is her blonde twin? I mean, they have very similar facial features – it’s just the hair color that’s different. With this in mind, we seriously think these two could easily pull a Parent Trap on us all.

Though it’s from 2006, this photo perfectly shows just how much Louise looks like her sister:

Credit: MJ Kim/Getty Images

A more recent photo, which could easily be a pic of Victoria Beckham with blonde hair:

Credit: Neil P. Mockford/GC Images

All hail sisterhood (and genetics)!