Credit: Parallel Studio

There’s a new animated video that perfectly documents every unsatisfying part of daily life. Even with the constant election news, the video is probably going to be the most stress-inducing thing you’ll see all day.

The video titled “UNSATISFYING” from Parallel Studio includes the most unsatisfying events ever. Like not winning a toy out of the claw arcade game, a soda getting stuck in a soda machine, losing a spoon inside a bowl of soup, an over-easy egg breaking, etc., etc..

The moments are the most frustrating, annoying, disappointing little things that happen in everyday life. They are so painful to live through and surprisingly, maybe even more painful to watch.

Honestly, if you’re able to get through the entire video without dying a little inside, you’re a strong human.

Watching the video makes us want to flip a table and then gently put it back where it goes — over and over again.

Take a look if you think you can handle the stress:

So many people are are drawn to the video, Parallel Studio created a challenge for people to submit their own animated unsatisfying videos. If there’s one thing we all can agree on about life, it’s that there are endless unsatisfying events happening all the time.

If you want to participate, you have one week and three days to get your submission in. No word on whether or not the winner wins a prize, but based on the content (things that are unsatisfying), our guess is a big fat NO.