Erin Mallory Long
Updated Jun 23, 2015 @ 3:31 pm

Can you feel that? It’s ’90s nostalgia going into hyper drive because we now, in 2015, have a ’90s supergroup. A supergroup is a magical thing where people from different successful bands come together to create a (hopefully) MORE successful band with a (hopefully) EXCELLENT song or two. Remember the Traveling Wilburys: George Harrison + Bob Dylan + Roy Orbison + Jeff Lynne + Tom Petty = Awesome ’70s supergroup built for the ’80s.

Now ’90s kids have their own supergroup to brag about: Uncle Ezra Ray.

As you can imagine, it’s the combination of Uncle Kracker, Mark McGrath from Sugar Ray and Kevin Griffin from Better Than Ezra. Their song is called “B.Y.H.B.” (which, regretfully, stands for “bring your hot body”). At least they used an acronym—total ’90s staple. Anyway, here’s the single. Formulate opinions as necessary:

This song is coupled with a summer tour featuring all of their bands PLUS Eve 6! (My favorite band named for an episode of The X-Files!) That is certainly something we can all get behind.

(Main image via Twitter)