Lilian Min
Updated September 10, 2016 9:04 am
Scott Penner /

Since Prince’s tragic passing earlier this year, details about just how much music he didn’t release keep leaking out. Despite releasing over 40 albums, the Purple One committed just about everything to recording, but clearly kept a lot of his material hidden away until the very end. Except — in 1986, he had a whole album ready to go and scrapped it at the very last second. And now, an LP of this forgotten album is going up for auction.

Camille was meant to be released at or around the same time as Parade (which was the soundtrack for the film Under the Cherry Moon, Prince’s first attempt at directing), but just weeks before the album was set to go, Prince pulled the plug. Physically pressing LPs back in the day was a lot more of a labor intensive process than simply, say, changing a digital download; it’d be like ordering a run of CDs today, in that once you’ve made the products, something’s gonna have to be done with them. And in this case, a verrry rare copy of this forgotten eight-track album has surfaced and will be up for bidding here, along with other collector’s Prince items.

Thinking about giving this bidding a go? Well, check your savings account — the current bid is at $4840, and as the auction ends on 9/14, we suspect it could go higher still. But hey, what’s a few months of rent anyway? (We joke but, best of luck to the bidders!)