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U2 has always been a pretty political band. In fact, if you listen closely to their lyrics, many of them are inspired by politics, government, and religion — the heavy stuff. So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that they used their recent appearance at the iHeartRadio festival this weekend to spread the word about the upcoming election.

When the band started playing their hit “Desire,” the Las Vegas audience suddenly heard Donald Trump’s voice appear in the background.

Right in the midst of the tune, Bono and the boys stated that we, as Americans, have everything to lose right now if we make the wrong decision this November. And people definitely paid attention.

Of course, Bono isn’t just using his band to talk about his personal distaste for Trump — he also appeared on Charlie Rose earlier this month to discuss the election.

While it was impressive for U2 to include such an important message within an already beloved song, fan opinions were split about the band’s decision to include Trump at all.

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A few admitted that they were a bit turned off by U2 using their celebrity status to promote American politics — especially when the band hails from Ireland.

No matter what, it was important for the members of U2 to spread a message that means a lot to them — that’s important for all of us to do. They had a platform, so why not use it? But no matter how you took this particular type of band endorsement, Bono is accurate when he stated that “The American Dream is alive” — it definitely still is.