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If your eyes have been glued to the TV during the last three presidential debates, you’ve probably noticed how Trump likes to recycle certain words and phrases (“tremendous,” anyone?). So naturally, Twitter users have imagined tremendous books through a Trump filter with #trumpbookreport, and it’s as great as the time that Twitter had too much fun with the Trump-Pence logo, or the time that Samantha Bee took down Trump’s comments about sexual harassment (so many social media wins lately)!

Here’s the deal. The overall assessment about Trump’s speech is that he uses big words, but not effectively.

You know, kind of like a school kid trying to ace a test without being prepared. He also contradicts himself and repeats things like, “Believe me!” without offering any reasons why people should hang off his every word.

Remember when #TrumpExplainsMoviePlots was the best thing on Twitter? Okay, now imagine him explaining famous literary works. It might go something like this:

This is one of the best.

Has an election ever sparked such creativity?!

If this has inspired you to create your own #TrumpBookReport, go right ahead! This parody is perhaps the best one that’s surfaced on the internet so far, but we know more are in the pipeline. The election is still a few weeks away, and people on the internet have strong opinions.

Should we read one more for the road? Yeah, we thought so.

Okay, this will never get old.

H/T: Uproxx