Joan Ford
Updated May 25, 2016 @ 12:45 pm
Credit: Shutterstock

Anybody active on Twitter knows that one of the biggest parts of having a successful account is going after all those sweet, sweet retweets. But not anymore. Twitter is about to let you take the retweet game into your own hands with a new feature that allows users to RETWEET THEMSELVES. Finally, you can officially be your own biggest fan!

In a statement released by the company this week, Twitter unveiled a number of new updates intended to make the app “faster, easier and more expressive.” Most of these updates were geared towards upping the length of your tweets. While 140 is still the max when it comes to characters, Twitter will no longer count @names, photos, videos or GIFs against that limit. Prepare for a severe increase in the number of memes clogging up your feed.

The most interesting addition, and the reason why we’re FREAKING OUT RIGHT NOW however, is the ability to retweet and quote yourself. Like, can we just reflect on this for a sec?? Now you can go back to your oldest tweets and share them with your newest followers, who weren’t all around to experience your early genius. Gone are the barbaric days when you’d actually have to physically rewrite an old tweet, or go through the public humiliation of replying to yourself, if you wanted to re-share it with the world. Thank goodness for modern conveniences!

Of course, some old fashioned folk may still prefer waiting for someone else to retweet them. After all, is your tweet really worthy of a retweet if you’re the only one willing to retweet it? Who can say. But with these new updates, that riddle is sure to baffle humanity for generations to come.

We should see these new features roll out within the next couple months.