During this incessant heat wave we’ve been experiencing, one of the best ways to feel relief is chomping down on some refreshing watermelon. But apparently, the internet has found an alternative way to enjoy the fruit…in the form of optical illusions. AKA Twitter can’t get enough of these watermelon dresses, and the enthusiasm is infectious. Now, you might be thinking, “Optical illusions?”…”Watermelon dresses?”…“What?”

Let’s explain. People are creating dress-like shapes out of watermelon slices (as you do) and then taking photos of people standing behind them in the background. It really looks like they’re wearing chic watermelon dresses.

The #watermelondress hashtag is going WILD right now.

Hey, even Ryan Seacrest is joining in the fun.

Granted, this is all pretty weird, but it’s an international sensation that’s kinda making our day.

And this is the sweetest of them all.

The great thing about this lewk is how flexible it is. Check out this watermelon miniskirt.

We love when so many people jump on board something as fun and silly as this, because it reminds us that we’re in this life boat together. And beyond the watermelon dress challenge, social media users are reminding us that watermelons are super fashionable. Like, always have been.

It certainly is making us hungry for some delicious watermelon.

But before we go, one more watermelon dress for the road?

So utterly adorable. The internet is a weird and wonderful place.