Picture of Regina George Mean Girls
Credit: Paramount Pictures

Although it’s been thirteen years since its release, fans across the world continue to adore the film Mean Girls. From Tina Fey’s mind came a high school comedy that was all too real when it came to social cliques. With a line of Mean Girls Burn Book makeup brushes in the works and a Broadway musical happening *this* year, it’s safe to say we’re all still obsessing over the movie. That’s why it’s no surprise that Twitter is going crazy over this Regina George lookalike.

A high schooler named April’s senior photos went viral after Twitter mistook her for the Queen of Plastics, Regina George.

Blonde hair, blue eyes, and a striking smile were enough for Twitter to go crazy with their comparisons. Honestly, we see the resemblance! But in an interview with E! News, April says she doesn’t see it.

April says her tweet caught like wildfire and spread quickly.

One thing’s for sure, she can definitely sit with us.

And, like the rest of the internet, we think she’s really pretty!

Bless the internet. You never know whose doppelganger you’ll meet next.