Kitty Lindsay
Updated Dec 03, 2017 @ 4:57 pm
BBC One Christmas commercial
Credit: BBC One

Desperate for some heartwarming Christmas cheer this holiday season? Head on over to Twitter. Yes, Twitter! Over the weekend, BBC One debuted their annual Christmas advert, a season-specific short scheduled to run on the channel throughout the holidays, and Twitter users the world over rejoiced, with some declaring the sugary sweet spot the Christmas commercial of the year.

The two-minute animated Christmas movie, entitled “The Supporting Act,” invites audiences into the world of a single dad and his young daughter as the two prepare for the upcoming holiday season. The little girl, excited to perform an original dance routine for her school’s Christmas talent show, rehearses her routine as she and her dad carry out chores around the house. But her dad, torn between spending quality time with his daughter and meeting the demands of his day job, struggles to connect with her.

That is until the young girl freezes up onstage at the Christmas talent show. Then, it’s Dad to the rescue, walking her through her dance routine from the back of her school’s auditorium. Together, the father-daughter duo break it down in an epic – and surprisingly emotional – dance performance for (all) the ages. We hope you have your dad on speed-dial because it’s about to get sentimental up in here.

We’re not crying… YOU’RE crying!

And Twitter was moved, too.

Some Twitter users even declared the BBC One “The Supporting Act” short Christmas commercial of the year!

According to BBC One, the ad, custom-created for the channel in partnership with award-winning director Elliot Dear at Blinkink, and featuring the music of electronic pop band Clean Bandit, builds on the idea of “oneness” that the channel has been focussing on throughout 2017.

*sniffle* Our hearts! *dabs eyes with tissue*