Alexandra Cavallo
February 22, 2015 6:00 am

There are a lot of funny people on Twitter. So many, in fact, that it can be hard to sift through all the 140-character hilarity, such is the glut of witty Internet people — many of them women. If you consider yourself an active member of the Twitterverse, you’re probably already familiar with some of the frontrunners (Mindy Kaling, Anna Kendrick, Chelsea Peretti, Lena Dunham).

Come Sunday evening, a lot of these funny chicks will be live tweeting the 2015 Oscars. And, TBH, following those rapid fire jokesonjokes can be more fun than the big event itself. In preparation for this year’s Oscars, we pulled together a definitive list of just a few comedically-inclined women you should be following, some you may have heard of, some not. All of them tend to lend their 2 cents on pop culture’s biggest nights. Can we promise that they’ll be tweeting about all the festivities? Not with 100% certainty but the chances are pretty high. These are pop culture mavens and 99.9% of the words they send into the Twitter ether have us LOL-ing. So follow on.

Lizz Winstead // @lizzwinstead Winstead is a powerhouse: writer, comedian, producer, co-creator of The Daily Show (RIP in it’s present form) and a very prolific tweeter. Winstead’s worth following year-round for her comedic — and insightful — takes on social and political issues of the day but takes a break for dedicated live tweeting of award shows on special occasions.

Sample tweet (for a taste of her style):

Sara Benincasa // @SaraJBenincasa
You might remember Benincasa from her stint covering the 2008 presidential election for MTV as part of their Think campaign, after which she started a vlog flexing her comedic chops in a spot-on Sarah Palin parody. Since then, Benincasa has gone on to cement herself as a funnywoman through blogging, radio hosting and, most recently, dropping joke bombs all over Twitter.

Sample tweet (for a taste of her style):

Michelle Collins // @michcoll
Collins has both behind-the-scenes funny lady cred as longtime managing editor of VH1’s Best Week Ever site and producer of Kathy Griffin’s Kathy! on Bravo. She also has in-front-of-the-camera cred with guest spots on shows like Chelsea Lately and a crap-ton of VH1 countdown shows. Plus, she’s written for the likes of GQ and Vanity Fair. (Accomplished much?) Her funniest bits, however, might be found on Twitter, where she riffs on everything from pop culture to amusing anecdotes about her mom.

Sample tweet (for a taste of her style):

Erin Whitehead // @girlwithatail
You might not be that familiar with the Upright Citizens Brigade improvisor . . . yet. But, if her acerbic, pop culturally-relevant tweets are any indication, you will be very soon.

Sample tweet (for a taste of her style):

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