Briana Hansen
July 26, 2016 12:12 pm
Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Disney

Last week’s Comic-Con brought us countless delights. Between new trailers, amazing cosplay costumes, and goal-worthy outfits, and oh-so-much more. Now, in the days after the monumental event as we digest everything that went down, we can finally start to settle in and realize just how much information we now know about some of our most exciting upcoming movies.

For instance, we now know a ton more about who Zendaya is in Spider-Man: Homecoming and exactly what we can expect to see from her.

 Her name is definitely “Michelle.”

During an interview with Entertainment Weekly, the actors were asked point blank to confirm their identities. After a moment of squirming, the director Tom Holland points to each one and gives their first name for sure. The moment is short yet beautifully epic.

(No confirmation as to whether or not that means Michelle Gonzales, but it’s sure looking like a possibility at this point.)

Her character has a lot in common with her own personality.

Zendaya describes herself as a little shy and a bookworm, and says there’s a great deal of those personality traits that leak into her character.

Oh, and she doesn’t really care about Spider-Man being an “Avenger” or whatever.

Despite the fact that the world has now seen what the young Spider-Man is capable of, Zendaya doesn’t think her character really cares much about it. From the sounds of it, her character is mostly going to be doing her own thing.

She’s generally a bit of a loner, a lá Lindsey from Freaks & Geeks.

Kyle Buchanan (who works for Vulture) saw a sneak preview of some of the Spider-Man: Homecoming footage and tweeted out this perfect description.

With all this information, we’re even more excited to see this charismatic superstar in such a unique and awesome role (and hopefully much more of her in the future of the Marvel universe).