Karen Belz
Updated Mar 01, 2017 @ 12:23 pm
Credit: Shutterstock

Have you thought about cutting cable? Well, these days, you have more options than ever if television is still important to you — which, of course it is. YouTube announced that they’ll offer a streaming service, and since they’ve been our go-to for videos in the past, we know it’ll be good.

If you’re a little confused, let’s discuss streaming television a bit. If you’ve ever heard of services like Sling and PlayStation Vue, they offer up something similar. For a much lower price than cable, they allow you to stream certain channels live straight to your television or mobile device.

Each service is a little bit different. For example, all of the services currently available offer varied channels and options, such as recordable DVR functionality and the ability to pause and rewind.

YouTube wants to offer up the major networks (so, ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX) along with 35 other cable channels, for about $35 a month. Premium channels, like Showtime, can be added onto that for a small additional fee. false

One pro? Multiple sets or devices can watch at once. One con? They already announced that they wouldn’t be carrying Viacom channels. So, that might be a bummer for the MTV fan in your life.

Still, if price is your big concern, YouTube TV might be worth taking a look at.

If you’re still not sold, have no fear — Hulu also announced that they’d be joining the streaming television game soon. Apple has also been planning a television service, but information for both of these is currently a bit hush-hush.

No matter what, we’ll still be loyal fans to YouTube — after all, it’s been reported that we the people watch 1 billion hours of video a day through the popular site. It’s brought a lot of good to our lives, and we’re supportive of their next big step.