Alyssa Thorne
Updated January 13, 2017

By all rights, The Young Pope is one of the weirder series we’ve heard of, but we’ve got to be honest with you: One look at the trailer showing a peak sleazey Jude Law smoking a cigarette in his papal garb and looking like exactly the sort of creature that would inspire one to get biblical (and not nearly in the sense that a pope ought, to be clear), and we were SUPER IN. Like, yeah. Really. Really. In. And now that the reviews are coming in and calling The Young Pope “sublimely” ridiculous we’re even more ready to make it our new religion.

And NOW we have an opening credits scene* to salivate over — ahem, we mean watch and analyze for any hints about what’s to come in HBO’s new series.

(*Or at least, it’s the opening credit sequence from the show when it aired late last year in Europe. PLEASE let it be the same one for the HBO version)

The cast for The Young Pope is pretty dope, by which we mean it stars Jude Law and Diane Keaton. Do you need anything else? Oh, right. false

Excuse us, we’re having a MOMENT. Honestly, we’re not sure where this show came from or why it exists, but all of the critiques seem to be grudgingly admitting that it’s good. We definitely aren’t going to missed something that’s being described as “fantastically anxiety-inducing for lapsed Catholics”, because no joke, there’s nothing that makes a show more tempting than a bunch of descriptions that are basically one positive descriptor placed before a harsh criticism.

Plus, see the above gifset for our other reasons. Can you date a pope? Like, we know generally, you can’t but um, can we date THIS Pope? We’re asking for science.