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We’re not telling you to stay inside all day and watch TV this summer but, the season 4 trailer for Broad City is here, and it looks like this season will be freakin’ amazing. YAAS KWEEEEN!! Everyone’s favorite dynamic duo is coming back. It’s been over a year since Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer’s Comedy Central series graced our screens, but that’s all about to change.

In the preview — soundtracked by Jennifer Lopez’s 2005 jam “Get Right” — we see Abbi and Ilana channeling their inner J.Lo and going on all-new adventures, including a possible road trip to Florida, a lot of self-care for their lady parts, hanging around the apartment with strap-on dildos, challenging abortion protestors, and all kinds of sexual exploration (perhaps, the very best kind of exploration).

Per a tweet about the new season from Broad City‘s account, “word 2 the wise — move to a space safe for screaming b4 watching.” We wholeheartedly agree.

New episodes will hit our screens on August 23rd on Comedy Central and feature guest stars like RuPaul, Steve Buscemi, and Wanda Sykes, to name a few, and the return of a beloved Hannibal Buress as Lincoln.

At the end of the trailer, our girl Ilana gives a shoutout to the current president while masturbating with a vibrator. So, it’s safe to say nothing is off limits this season — and we couldn’t be more excited to dive in.