Credit: ABC

We all miss the show Happy Endings, right? It was one of those classic shows that was canceled way before its time, and honestly, it was one of our faves. All the characters were so real, and the friendships on the show were totally relateable. Penny, played by Casey Wilson, was so adorable and weird, that we’ve always kind of wished that she was our best friend. Here are 14 reasons why we could really use a friend like Penny in our lives.

1. She really tries to make the best of everything, even when there’s no helping the situation.

2. She totally gets your need for fashion and function.


3. She’s great at creating secret languages, but some people find it kinda awk.

4. She is so real about how annoying you’re being, and sometimes you need that.

5. She knows how to keep it real in her relationships.

6. She will never abandon you.

7. She knows exactly what we need in a crisis.

8. She’s not always the best at advice, but at least she can own it.

9. She knows when it’s just too much.

10. She’s got some serious selfie game, and she’s not afraid to rock it.

11. Her instincts are spot on.

12. She does not always appreciate being hit on.

13. She’s so insightful, it’s scary sometimes.

14. And finally, because she knows why you should NEVER call a woman under the age of 97 “ma’am.”