Praise be to the social media gods! We’ve been blessed with an impromptu dance number from goddesses Jennifer Lopez and Jenna Dewan, alongside some of the other World of Dance judges, Derek Hough and Ne-Yo. It’s no great shock that World of Dance is being praised as one of the better dance competition shows on the air, since J.Lo, Jenna, and Derek had backgrounds in dance even before they were household names. And their kick-ass dancing skills really show in this casual living room dance routine. If only WE looked this cool while casually choreographing routines at home alone…

Like, seriously. This is so great. This makes all the annoying parts of keeping up with social media SO worth it.

Jennifer Lopez has been really open about how she sees the show as an opportunity to put dancers front and center, where they’re usually in the background and off to the side, and generally not getting paid as well as other artists.

“My whole goal with this show was to create an opportunity and a venue for dancers to actually be the stars,” Ms. Lopez told the New York Times, “and to get to do something they rarely have a chance to do: really make some money.”

We also need to take a moment to talk about how totally ~gorg~ the room they’re in is — like, in addition to totally lacking the dance skills to pull this off, we’re also totally lacking the requisite cool room to shoot in.

Unfortunately, after this badass teaser, we’re going to have to wait for another week to see any more of it. J.Lo’s World of Dance doesn’t premiere until May 30th — and after getting a taste of what’s to come, we are absolutely going to be tuning in. The show will air at 10 p.m. on NBC, so make sure you clear your schedule because if this Instagram is any indication, the dance numbers are going to be mindblowing.