Briana Hansen
Updated Jan 12, 2017 @ 11:37 am
Credit: Disney–ABC Domestic Television

For a while now, there has been ongoing talk about a Wizards of Waverly Place reunion. We’ve seen Selena Gomez and her former costars hanging out more often. And there has even been outright discussion about what would happen if a show reunion really went down.

And now, the show’s creator and executive producer, Todd J. Greenwald, has just made it very clear how this reunion would go down (if it goes down at all).

Greenwald has already playfully weighed in on what the future looks like for these beloved characters. But he didn’t just speculate on their future. He also described the conditions that would make that dream reunion a reality.

Basically, Greenwald has made it clear the reunion would have to happen in a feature-length movie.

Rather than a full new season, special extra-long episode, or even an anthology like the Gilmore Girls, Greenwald wants Wizards of Waverly Place to come to the big screen.

At first he joked about it with Jake T. Austin, one of the show’s stars, on Twitter after Austin ran a fan poll.

This response could have just seemed like playful jabbing and deflection. But then he responded to one writer’s excitement repeating these specifics.

Without confirming or denying that there’s something already in the works, Greenwald made it clear that fans need to continue to speak up in support of the project. And if making noise is all it takes to see this awesome show back in action, we are more than happy to make lots of it.