Emily Baines
January 15, 2017 8:26 am

Theatre lovers, get ready: William Shakespeare won’t only be making an appearance in our English class. Soon he’ll be on our televisions! In the new TNT show Will, William Shakespeare is basically a punk rocker. That’s right, we’ve got a sexy new William Shakespeare to gawk at.

Considering how many movies are inspired by William Shakespeare, of course our television is ripe for some Shakespearian spin-offs.

TNT’s Will sounds absolutely awesome, perfect for punk rockers, William Shakespeare lovers, and theatre aficionados alike!

As Deadline explains, Will is a contemporary version of Shakespeare’s life, filled with modern music and a rock and roll attitude.

Creator Craig Pearce described the inspiration for Will at the Television Critics Association 2017 winter press tour panel, as reported by Nerdist:

Deadline also reported that Sarah Aubrey, EVP of Original Programming for TNT, said of Will:

The trailer for Will certainly seems exciting:

Of course, this being about William Shakespeare, there’s a romance and intrigue involved.

And the creators of the show are well aware of the average human’s hesitance towards Shakespeare. Nerdist reports producer Shekhar Kapur said:

But after reading the show’s script, he reconsidered his feelings towards the bard. He remembers asking Pearce:

It doesn’t hurt that the lead actor (Laurie Davidson) is quite dashing:


Now this is some Shakespeare we can get on board with. We are so excited for this show!