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And then, it was down to just six: Shelby, Matt, Lee…and Shelby, Matt, and Lee. And Edward Mott.

The big ~twist~ on American Horror Story reveals that what we were in fact watching was a documentary, and now it’s time for the sequel: “Return to Roanoke: Three Days In Hell.” We’re once again going to follow Shelby, Matt, and Lee spending a long weekend in the MurdeR House. But this time the’ll be joined by the actors who played them during the documentary: Audrey, Dominic, and Monet. And the dude who played Edward Mott, Rory, because now he’s married IRL to Aubrey, who played Shelby, and yes, this is a lot to process.

If you were one of the few who correctly guessed that this might be the twist, go ahead and give yourself a big pat on the back. But did you guess the second part of the twist? Not only will these seven people be locked in the house all weekend, but one by one, all of them is going to meet a horrible Roanoke end.

…except for one. One of these seven people survives the second coming of the Roanoke nightmare during American Horror Story. But who?

Sadly, we already know that it’s not Rory, and let’s not talk about it, okay?

That leaves us with six different victims suspects for the lone survivor, and this might be the most important American Horror Story speculation we’ve ever done.


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Let’s take a second and agree that all along Shelby has been one shift character. During her Talking Heads, she seemed completely unfazed by absolutely everything. She also called the cops on both Lee and Matt, so like, she’s clearly only thinking for herself. Since the wrap of the show, she’s been tormented by crazy fans, and now she wants to set the record straight with HER own story. But is she even telling the truth?? Do we really know what Shelby is capable of??


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Mason is dead, his killer was never found, and America blames his murder on Lee. She’s been labeled as a killer, and now she’s trying to win custody of Flora. Obviously the way to win custody of your daughter is go to back on another reality show. But still the bigger question remains: Did Lee kill Mason? Biggest question: Will Lee kill everyone??


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Matt returns to the MurdeR House because …wait. Matt never explains why he goes back to the house, other than the fact he was asked. Shelby and Lee both have motives. Matt does not. SUSPICIOUS.


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Sarah Paulson’s Audrey is perfect in every way, because duh. She seems to be pretty cool and down to earth, so let’s go ahead and widely assume that she’s somehow related to Scáthach, and they’re long-lost distant relatives and Audrey’s a witch. Sure. Why not. Audrey wins!


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Well, we know who’s the ~bad boy~ of the production. We all know in our hearts, the bad boy (who pretends to be tough) always meets an early end. If only we had more time, Dominic. Our educated AHS guess is that Dominic will not survive to the end.


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If Monet IRL is as tough and scrappy as Lee on TV, then she could probably take on and defeat every single ghost that comes her way.


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Have we actually seen everyone who’s going to come into the MurdeR House? Might Sidney be included in this bunch? Because if he’s the lone survivor of this group…