Alyssa Thorne
Updated Dec 07, 2016 @ 1:33 pm
Credit: HBO

Usually Reddit is the place to go for conspiracy theories that leave your brain leaking out of your ears, but NOT TODAY, Redditors. Today belongs to a Twitter user who uncovered what’s either an eerie coincidence or a secret maze-style transmedia plot from the Westworld creators. It all started with one of the most forgettable aspects of the show — Dolores’s father finds a photograph of a woman in Times Square, and as a 19th century kinda robot, he understandably loses his mind over it.

Credit: HBO

Later, confirming the dual timeline theory, we see Logan and William brandishing the same photo, revealing the woman to be William’s wife and Logan’s sister.

Credit: HBO

Buzzfeed found that back in October, a clever Twitter user found the photo on Getty Images, and realized it was actually just your average stock photo…or so we thought.[/subheader]

It seems like the show just needed a picture of a woman to portray William’s wife in the picture. Since the actor who portrays William has confirmed he won’t be appearing again, we can somewhat safely assume all further episodes of Westworld will take place in the present — thus, if they do show us William’s wife, she’ll be Ed Harris’s age, and easily recast…so it didn’t matter to them who played her in the picture.

BUT if you look at the photographer credit on the Getty Images photo, you’ll notice the photographer’s name is Erik Von Weber. You know who shares that name?

And here’s where Reddit predictably re-enters the story: a Reddit user explored Erik Von Weber’s Getty Images photos, and found many stock photos that are remarkably similar to Westworld shots. If you really want a trip down the rabbit hole, scroll through that thread, ’cause DAMN.

The ANTM contestant who was in the picture claims not to know that her photo was used, but like…WHAT IS EVEN REAL ANYMORE?